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The Tej Kohli Foundation is more than a philanthropic endeavour. It is a Foundation rooted in the success of Tej Kohli’s business and benefits from leveraging that financial and intellectual capital to ensure its own efficiency and success.


The Foundation’s objective is to support existing projects at the heart of communities. We look to help projects that may be overlooked – yet without their support there could long-term social problems; whether it be through a lack of education, poor health or prejudice.

The Foundation currently operates in areas blighted by extreme poverty. It looks to reach out to those whose lives hold little hope of a brighter future, yet would benefit from an intervention to transform their lives and the communities in which they live. We offer the chance to finally take take control and be integrated in to society for the long term, achieving a greater financial security to support their families.


Tej Kohli is an international, entrepreunerial businessman and philanthropist. He operates a diverse portfolio of businesses that are aligned with the Foundations projects. His business interests cover the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Far East and India.
The Tej Kohli Foundation was founded in 2005 by Tej Kohli and his wife Wendy. Funded entirely by Mr Kohli, the Foundation was set up as an autonomous, non-profit organisation with the initial goal of helping disadvantaged children break free from poverty. The Foundation has carefully chosen areas of action where it will be able make a substantial and sustainable difference, notably Costa Rica and India.
Our current areas of focus are:
  • Treating and preventing corneal blindness;
  • Extending educational opportunities;
  • Midday meals for malnourished children;
  • Vocational training for the physically disabled;
  • Improving the health of rural communities;
  • Empowering women.
The Tej Kohli Foundation currently operates in Costa Rica, India and Africa, whilst constantly exploring new countries where they can have the most impact on society at large.
The Tej Kohli Foundation has an operation in Costa Rica, called Funda Kohli. In India, Tej Kohli has founded the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute
The Tej Kohli Foundation is funded entirely by Mr Kohli and set up as an autonomous, non-profit organization.
Since the Tej Kohli Foundation launched in 2005, donations in excess of USD $ 50mln have been made.
The Tej Kohli Foundation is linked directly to the success of its businesses. There is a long term commitment to provide both intellectual and financial capital to all the projects, which is reviewed on an annual basis.

The Tej Kohli Foundation does not accept any donations.

The Tej Kohli Foundation welcomes volunteers in to is projects on the ground, ideally as part of a long-term commitment to allow for sustainable planning. To apply then please contact Mr Tej Kohlis’ office.