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Tej Kohli Foundation

Visual impairment is a public #health problem of global proportions, affecting 285 million people across the world…

Tej Kohli Foundation @KohliFoundation
344 days ago

Welcome to the Tej Kohli Foundation

The Tej Kohli Foundation operates in areas blighted by extreme poverty.  It looks to reach out to those who hope for a brighter future and to make direct interventions that will transform their lives and the communities in which they live.  By doing this we give people the chance to take control of their life and to be integrated into society for the long term, whilst also achieving greater financial security to support their families.

A cornerstone of our activities is the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute.  Visual impairment is a public health problem of global proportions, and ninety percent of those affected by blindness and severe visual impairment live in the poorest countries in the world.  Our mission is to prevent, control and eliminate corneal blindness worldwide by 2030.

The Tej Kohli Foundation is designed to be more than a philanthropic endeavour.  The Foundation is rooted in the success of a portfolio of global companies, and draws directly from their financial and intellectual capital to drive success.  We seek to support existing projects at the heart of communities that have been neglected, especially when our intervention helps to combat a lack of education, poor health or prejudice.

A key tenet of our existence is the sincere belief that young people are the future.  Tapping in to the vision, passion and adaptability of young people reveals new ways of thinking that have the potential to improve the lives of many worldwide.  We believe that the ambition of young people should not be constrained by the boundaries of economic circumstances.

Our programmes

Philanthropist Tej Kohli pledges $2 million gift to champion biotech solutions for eliminating corneal blindness worldwide by 2030

Tej Kohli and Wife Wendy, philanthropists & owners of Tej Kohli Foundation

"Empowerment, social responsibility, positive impact: these principles provide a guiding compass for everything that we do."

- Tej Kohli