Tej Kohli Future Bionics

Technological Intervention

The Tej Kohli Future Bionics program funds bionic arms for British children from Bristol-based robotics pioneer Open Bionics. Open Bionics is building and developing the next generation of low-cost bionic limbs that turn disabilities into superpowers. The program highlights how technology can substantially improve the lives and confidence of young people living with disabilities. It aims to inspire and influence others to follow this lead.

The Open Bionics ‘Hero Arm’, which can be controlled with the electrical signals generated by a user’s muscles, has superior multi-grip functionality that enables users to perform many more everyday activities compared to traditional prosthetics. The enhanced ability of the user to be able to personalise their 3D-printed Open Bionics Hero Arm is also a huge boost to mental well-being and to perceived social acceptance.

Read about the launch of the Future Bionics program

Future Bionics: Funding 3D Printed Hero Arms For Young People
Tilly Lockey explains the Open Bionics Hero Arm to 10-year-old Jacob

Apply for Future Bionics Funding

The Tej Kohli Foundation collaborates closely with the Open Bionics Foundation in the selection of recipients of funding from the Tej Kohli Foundation Future Bionics program. Applications to receive funding for a Hero Arm should be made through the Open Bionics Foundation