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How the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute Got Involved with World KC Day

On November 10th, the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute (TKCI) celebrated World KC Day, an event to raise awareness of the eye condition known as keratoconus (KC). Here’s what you should know about keratoconus, and how the TKCI are helping to fight KC and other eye conditions.

What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconus, or KC as it is sometimes abbreviated to, is an eye disorder that causes the progressive thinning of the cornea. Over time, this weakening causes the shape of the cornea to distort.

The most common symptoms of keratoconus include blurred vision, near-sightedness, astigmatism, and light sensitivity. In most cases, keratoconus does not lead to total blindness, but it can impact a person’s vision to such an extreme degree that their ability to live an independent and unimpeded life is severely impacted.

The exact causes of the condition are unknown, but genetic and environmental factors are thought to play a part. Overexposure to ultraviolet rays, wearing poorly fitted contacts for extended periods, and chronic eye irritation have all been linked with weakening of the cornea.

At the moment, there is no known cure for keratoconus, although it can be successfully managed in most cases – including by a full corneal transplant in extreme cases. The best course of action is therefore encouraging prevention – it is vital that people are made aware about the effects of keratoconus, and are taught how to identify and avoid it in the first place. World KC Day is about ensuring that people have this information.

What TKCI Did for World KC Day

In the run up to World KC Day, the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute ran a special screening activity to the students of Mahboobia Girls High School in Hyderabad.

Experts from the TKCI taught the students all about keratoconus and the importance of screening, before providing free screening for over 120 of them. The students were also shown the equipment that is used to screen for the condition, and were encouraged to help with the screenings of their peers by operating the equipment. Also present was Radio Mirchi DJ Shadab, who suffers from keratoconus and took part in the screenings.

As the event took place during Diwali, a lot of students were absent, but the TKCI will be returning to the school to catch up with the students who missed out. After all, education plays a major role in the fight against corneal conditions and blindness.

The TKCI’s Mission

For our founder Tej Kohli, charity must be bold and ambitious if it is to produce lasting and genuine impact – that is why the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is pursuing a mission to end corneal blindness by 2030. From its base at the world-renowned LV Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad, India, the TKCI aims to through the estabish a network of resource centres around the globe, as well as providing information and education to people about the issues surrounding ocular health.

Learn more about the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute and the innovative work that it is doing to tackle blindness by visiting the website

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