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Philanthropist Tej Kohli pledges $2 million gift to champion biotech solutions for eliminating corneal blindness worldwide by 2030

Visual impairment is a public health problem of global proportions. More than two hundred and eighty-five million people worldwide have some form of visual impairment. Thirty-nine million of them are blind. Ninety percent of those effected by blindness and severe visual impairment live in the poorest countries in the world. Fourteen million live in India alone. Yet a good proportion of worldwide blindness, including 75% of corneal disease, is curable.

Tej Kohli has a well-publicised mission to eradicate avoidable blindness worldwide by 2030. Supported by the philanthropic Tej Kohli Foundation, the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is a global leader in research and development, preventative medicine and Cornea transplants.

In the last two years the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute has hosted more than one hundred and sixty-seven thousand outpatient visits, collected twenty-six thousand donor corneas and utilized nearly sixteen thousand corneas for transplants. The Institute undertook more than thirty-one thousand surgical procedures, delivered over seven hundred presentations, published one hundred and forty-eight publications and trained more than one hundred and twenty clinicians.

Preventing, controlling and eliminating corneal blindness is a global challenge. The Tej Kohli Cornea Institute is at the front line of the mission to eliminate avoidable corneal blindness worldwide by 2030. Achieving this mission will require a scalable and affordable solution for the masses, and through the acquisition of proprietary new biotechnologies, Tej Kohli is dedicated to making this a reality.

Through international collaboration between leading clinicians, technology pioneers and global hubs of innovation such as the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, it is a now a visible reality that by 2030 corneal blindness could be controlled, reduced and then eradicated worldwide.