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What We Do

The foundation’s objective is to support existing projects at the heart of communities. We help projects that may be overlooked yet without their support there could be long-term social problems; whether it be through a lack of education, poor health or prejudice.

The foundation currently operates in areas blighted by extreme poverty, reaching out to those whose lives hold little hope of a brighter future, yet would benefit from an intervention to transform their lives and the communities in which they live. We focus on projects that ensure community participation to help bring the most benefit to the most people.

Our Work

Since its inception, the foundation has helped to set up and support a number of projects, including:


"Youth are the today and the future. Never before have they played such a crucial part of our evolution, tapping in to their vision, passion and recognition of there being another way to improve the lives of many. Age has no geographical boundaries but a country’s circumstances do. Our Foundation recognizes where we can benefit those most in need of hope that can be translated in to a reality for a positive future. We need to pass on the baton, inspiring success and the belief that there are no boundaries regardless of financial circumstances.".

-Tej Kohli